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BRAM Marketing & Sales

BRAM creates strategic marketing visions and insights and also supports the operational aspects of your Marketing and Sales policy. BRAM represents Creativity, perfectionism, Cristalclear agreements, guaranteed sales and is goal orientend.

BRAM Sees: opportunities to sow  
BRAM Seeks: fertile soil 
BRAM Secures: the agreed harvest

BRAM assists organisations who want to achieve their goals by making active use of marketing and sales. This can be both online and offline and for every budget. BRAM works for both large multinationals and the local bakerie, in all branches and at every level in your companystructure. It is precisely this combination that ensures that we can be creative and analytical.

As a Marketing consulting agency BRAM provides the implementation of your marketingplans and if neccessary a part of your Sales effort. This can mean that we develop your new company profile or your communicationmessage, but we can also investigate or assess your suppliers, competitors of market potential. As a M&C agency we can also provide you with your pressreleases, brochures or email-fullfillment. We believe Marketing is the art of combining and connecting your specific P’s (product, price, place, promotion presentation als personell) together with your business goals into an optimal effective marketing mix.





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